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    What to Look For When Shopping For a Cat Tree

    August 11
    What to Look For When Shopping For a Cat Tree

    Cat trees are a must have for every feline-friendly home. Equipped with nooks and perches perfect for stretching out in the sun and scratch posts that benefit the health of your cat and condition of your furniture, cat tree towers are synonymous with good animal care. If you’re on the hunt for the purr-fect kitty tree for your furry friend here are some basic tips to keep in mind. 

    Choose Cat-Friendly Materials for Your Cat Tree
    Quality materials means better safety for your pet. When choosing a cat tree, look for products that are made from wood, rather than lightweight particle board. This will ensure durability and help prevent falls and other cat-astrophes. Textures that cats can sink their claws into are also important. Cat condo surfaces made from materials like faux fur provide a comforting feel while sisal rope offers a sturdy and satisfying way to sharpen claws. Look for a mix of materials like these to provide hours of comfort and entertainment to your kitty. 

    Shop Cat Tree Towers For Your Whole Crew
    We agree that the only thing better than a cat is more cats—but pet owners with multiple kitties need to be extra prepared. Larger cat tree towers offer more room for each pet to enjoy their own personal space. Think multilevel and multi-perch. Cubbies and other areas with varied space give cats the options to snuggle up close or stretch out alone. For larger homes, consider purchasing multiple cat trees to protect furniture in every room while keeping all your fur-ends happy. 

    Consider Your Pet’s Purr-sonality
    Do you have active cats? Kitten climbers? A senior citizen? These are important factors to consider when choosing the right cat tree for your home. Younger, more active cats may need more room to jump and play. For a cat who likes to climb, look for an option with more vertical space. Keep in mind the needs of your older guy or girl by finding cat towers with ramps and easy accessibility. 

    Go Pet Club
    Ready to purchase a paw-some cat tree for your pet? Vist Go Pet Club to browse our selection of non-toxic, pet-safe, and environmentally sustainable products today!

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