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    Why You Need a Cat Tree

    November 30
    Why You Need a Cat Tree

    Step into the home of any cat parent and chances are, you’ll find a cat tree. That’s because cat trees are more than just cute furniture for your feline friend; they are an indispensable tool that helps maintain your cat's health and well-being. 

    Cat Trees for Physical Fitness
    Cats spend a lot of time indoors, so making sure they have a space where they can express their extra energy in a positive way is important. Cat trees create opportunities for exercise thanks to features like multi-level perches for climbing and interactive parts that encourage play. Incorporated cat scratchers help your pet remove old layers of claws which is great for the care of your cat and your furniture. The 87" cat tree climber with swing by Go Pet Club provides everything your cat could need to stay in top form, from sisal-wrapped scratching posts for claw-care and hanging toys and a swing for extra exercise. Think of it as the ultimate home gym for your cat. 

    Cat Trees for Better Mental Health
    Cat trees also provide a variety of benefits to the emotional well-being of your pet. Just like their owners, cats often suffer from stress and anxiety. This stress can manifest through negative behaviors like scratching furniture or spraying. In some cases it can even affect your cat’s health, causing a variety of skin, bladder or gastrointestinal issues. Cat trees encourage play and are often designed with immersive features to keep your curious feline engaged. Capture your kitty’s mind with one of Go Pet Club's IQ Busy Box trees. Made with cut-out holes and removable balls for swatting and batting fun, these interactive cat trees are designed to alleviate anxiety by stimulating your cat's brain for hours. 

    Cat Trees at Go Pet Club
    Whatever cat tree you need, Go Pet Club has you covered with a wide variety of non-toxic, pet-safe, and environmentally sustainable products all designed to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible!

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