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    The Benefits of Crate Training

    November 30
    The Benefits of Crate Training

    Any seasoned dog owner can tell you—a crate is a dog's best friend. In fact, with everything that a quality-made pet crate has to offer, you may wonder how you and your pup ever got along without one. 

    Creating a Safe Space with a Crate
    Whether you want to keep your dog (and your furniture) safe while you sleep or prevent an anxious pup from a dangerous situation, a pet crate offers the perfect solution: a safe, calming environment for some doggy rest and relaxation. Because crate training is a great tool for relieving pet anxiety, pet owners can also worry less about chewed belongings and other destructive behaviors. Lean on models like Go Pet Club's heavy duty crates for larger, high-anxiety dogs that need some extra protection.

    Crate Training for Better Pet Health 
    Crate training also provides significant advantages for sick or injured pets. In fact, the use of crating animals in vet offices is common practice to prevent pets from causing additional harm to themselves or other animals. A crate-trained pet is more likely to feel comfortable traveling to and from vet visits as well as going through the healing process later from the comfort of their own, familiar, sheltered space. Check out the foldable soft crate by Go Pet Club with travel safe materials available in 18-48” with closable windows to give a healing pup some privacy. Crate training early can be a great benefit to your dog later in life. 

    Using Crates as Teaching Tools
    Crate training is a powerful tool that helps dogs learn boundaries, establish bed times, and even assists with potty training. Whether you are trying to teach a new puppy safe behaviors or help a grown dog adjust to a new environment, crate training offers a number of advantages that can help you in the process. Check out Go Pet Clubs full line of crates and pens to get you and your pet started today.  

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