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    Hot Trend Alert: Pet Strollers

    October 31
    Hot Trend Alert: Pet Strollers

    Pet strollers are growing in popularity and it’s no wonder why. While these adorable pet accessories may look like just another way to flaunt your furry pal, they can also play an important role in your pet’s health. A pet stroller provides many health and safety benefits, from protecting your pet from outdoor elements, to providing much needed shelter for animals with special needs. 

    Pet Strollers Keeping it Cool
    It’s no secret that hot days and pets don’t always mix. In fact, because dogs and cats don’t sweat like humans, it can be much more important to make sure they have access to shade when temperatures rise. Pet strollers from Go Pet Club are a great way to provide shelter on-the-go. The durable mesh provides airflow to keep pets cool while defending against insects and outside elements. Strollers are also a great way to protect delicate paw pads from hot cement or asphalt and the safety leash prevents excitable pets from injury or escape. 

    A Safe Space for Your Pet
    For animal lovers with older pets or pets with special needs, pet strollers are an essential part of caring for your companion. Like a portable crate, a pet stroller offers a feeling of security for animals with anxiety. This allows owners to take their pets into crowded outdoor spaces with fewer concerns for their well-being. Pet strollers also enable older animals and animals with physical disabilities to join in the fun. This easy-to-open and easy-to-store solution means every pet can be included, even in on-the-go situations. 

    Go Pet Club
    With all that pet strollers have to offer, it’s no surprise that they’ve become such a hot item! Browse the collection at Go Pet Club today or contact us directly for more information!   

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