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    Choosing the Right Dog Crate

    October 06
    Choosing the Right Dog Crate

    If you’re a dog lover, you probably already know about the importance of pet crates to keep your pal safe and comfortable. Still, due to the variety of crates out there, you may still be wondering which one is the right fit for your pet. Considerations such as your dog's size, personality, and lifestyle can be useful tools in choosing the right dog cage for your home. 

    Dog Crates for the Perfect Fit
    A dog crate should first and foremost be a place of comfort. When purchasing a new crate, make sure to consider your pet’s current size, as well as any potential growth to avoid uncomfortable, cramped spaces. For larger, stronger dogs, or any dog who needs a little extra protection, consider a large sized heavy duty crate, featuring robust steel wiring and removable plastic trays for easy cleaning. Or try a stackable heavy duty crate from Go Pet Club, offering a separate space for multiple pets or a removable divider to accommodate one larger animal instead. That’s versatility any home can appreciate. 

    Pet Lifestyle Considerations 
    Your dog’s personality and lifestyle are also key factors to consider when it comes to pet crates. Have an inquisitive puppy? A Go Pet Club metal dog crate offers plenty of visibility to ensure they never feel left out. Metal crates are also a great fit for dog owners with limited space, thanks to the fold-down design and convenient carrying handle that makes storage a snap. For a pet who prefers personal space, try one of the Go Pet Club soft crates, with easy-to-cover mesh doors and windows for extra privacy. These portable, lightweight designs are also the perfect accommodation for your on-the-go travel companion. A water-resistant exterior promises these crates will perform great in both indoor and outdoor spaces!

    To start shopping for the perfect crate for your furry friend, check out Go Pet Club’s  full line of dog crate furniture today! 

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