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    About Us

    Go Pet Club manufactures a broad range of quality pet products including crates, play pen, strollers, beds, and a large selection of cat trees. Go Pet Club offers innovative products that are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally durable. In addition to offering highly competitive pricing, Go Pet Club offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the continental U.S.

    How it Started

    In 2001, James attended a dog show with his two beautiful bullmastiffs. However, he was unable to purchase two well-crafted dog beds, as there was no way for it to fit in his car. James scoured the internet for similar products only to find that there were none available. Affordable high-quality pet furniture simply did not exist online.

    James, being the animal lover and innovator that he is, was determined to do something about this. Fast forward to 2003, James and his wife Cindy co-founded Go Pet Club — the primary source for quality pet furniture shipped directly to your door.

    It has now been 20 years since this duo embarked on this journey and never have they once strayed away from their mission: to manufacture exceptional products and provide an effortless shopping experience to ensure happier, healthier pets.


    How It's Going

    Today, Go Pet Club operates from its headquarters in Livermore, California, where James and Cindy work together to design high-quality and exclusive cat trees, dog beds, and a variety of other pet-related products.

    They are dedicated to creating durable, pet-safe products with environmentally sustainable materials. A unique and highly-efficient manufacturing process is what allows Go Pet Club to provide outstanding quality at affordable prices.

    Our Promise

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