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    Cat Trees, Cat Condos, or Cat Tree Condos?

    September 06
    Cat Trees, Cat Condos, or Cat Tree Condos?

    Cats are well known for signature behaviors ranging from climbing and playing to scratching or lounging. Providing the right furniture enables our pets to do all these things. So what’s better, a cat tree, a cat condoor a mix of both? Below, we break down the differences so you can make smart decisions when purchasing the best piece of cat furniture for your feline friend!

    Cat Condos for Rest
    It’s easy to see where cat condos get their name. This style of cat furniture provides one or more enclosed spaces—much like our own condos do. Each enclosure provides your cat a safe place for some rest and relaxation. Because of their enclosed spaces, cat condos are a great fit for cats who are skittish or anxious—or any cat who appreciates a good nap. 

    Cat Trees for Fun
    Sometimes referred to as “cat gyms” or “cat towers,” cat trees are play structures that give your pet a place to climb. Cat trees often provide features such as lounging areas, scratching posts or pads and interactive toys made to satisfy your cat's natural curiosity. This piece of pet furniture is a must-have for any indoor cat as a place to expel their pent-up energy and get some much needed exercise. 

    Best of Both Worlds: Cat Tree Condos
    Still not sure which is right for your cat? There’s no need to compromise! The experts here at Go Pet Club recommend a cat tree condo that gives your kitty the benefits of both! Our cat tree condos incorporate cubby spaces, scratchers, perches, interactive toys, ladders and more for the ultimate relaxation and play structure. Cat tree condos allow your cat to relax and play. Made with durable materials like natural sisal rope to promote healthy scratching, all Go Pet Club’s versatile cat furniture is designed with your pets’ needs in mind. For more information on any of our pet products, please contact us today.

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