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    Which Cat Tree is Right for My Family?

    October 06
    Which Cat Tree is Right for My Family?

    If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your furry family members. This includes finding your cat the perfect furniture to help improve their physical and emotional well-being. When choosing the right cat tree it's helpful to consider factors such as your cat's age, personality and energy level to find the perfect match for your favorite pet. 

    Just Kitten Around
    There is nothing like the cuteness of a new kitten, but those adorable balls of fluff come packed with playful energy that will need to be positively directed. Look for a high-quality cat tree that satisfies their frisky nature like Go Pet Club's 53" Kitten Cat Tree. The multilevel perches are great for younger cats who need exercise and the included cat condo, hammock and tunnel provide cozy spaces for a little cat nap. The natural sisal scratching post, rope, and hanging cat toy keep your kitty’s energy paw-sitively focused—and your furniture better protected! 

    Purr-sonality Plus
    When choosing cat furniture, look for designs that play to your cat's personality. While an active cat may need a cat tower that provides more room to play, a more curious cat may benefit from a model that focuses on brain stimulation. For your active, adventure kitties, check out the 87" Cat Tree Climber with Swing by Go Pet Club, built with ample opportunities to climb, explore, and even swing! These are great for cats born with that daring streak. Is your cat the more inquisitive kind? The IQ Busy Box Cat Tree collection by Go Pet Club is the perfect solution for little Einsteins with multiple configurations that include hanging toys and compartments for removable balls—all designed to stimulate your cat’s brain for hours. 

    Go Pet Club
    No matter what cat you’re shopping for, Go Pet Club has the cat tree to match. Shop our selection today or contact us today for assistance! 


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