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    Tips for Crate Training Your Dog

    September 06
    Tips for Crate Training Your Dog

    Crate training is great for dog owners who want to provide their pets with a protected space in a potentially over-stimulating environment. It can also be a great tool for protecting your home and furniture—as well as providing a safe means of transportation for your furry friend. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a dog crate into your home, or if you’d like to acclimate your pet to a portable dog crate for travel, get started with these simple steps. 

    Introducing the Dog Crate
    This important first step is all about getting your puppy comfortable with their new pet crate. Set up in a shared space where you and your furry family member can hang out together. Make sure you keep the dog crate door open and let your dog explore naturally. Leave treats or a favorite toy inside to encourage interest. Remember, forcing your dog to stay in their crate too early may create negative association. For best results, allow your canine pal to get comfortable at their own pace.

    Mealtime in the Dog Crate
    It’s no secret that dogs love to eat. Take advantage of these happy moments and encourage a positive connection to your puppy’s crate by feeding them their regular meals around the crate. Like in step one, it’s important to continue to take cues from your dog. If your pet is comfortable entering, try placing the bowl inside the center of the dog crate. If they’re still showing apprehension, keep the bowl outside the door until they warm up to the idea.

    Work Up to the Crate Slowly
    Once your pet is feeling comfortable inside the new dog crate, try closing the door for short periods of time while you’re home. Use treats and toys to create a soothing environment during this time. Try sitting nearby and then slowly moving into another room. Start with 5 minutes and add more time as your dog becomes comfortable. Make sure to use verbal encouragement to create positive reinforcement. Once you reach about 30 minutes at this stage try leaving your pet crated while you’re away for short periods or overnight while you sleep nearby. Don’t be afraid to move the dog crate into your bedroom or add items of comfort to help your pet feel as relaxed and happy as possible in their new personal space!

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