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    Health Benefits of Cat Scratching & Scratch Posts

    August 11
    Health Benefits of Cat Scratching & Scratch Posts

    While cat scratching can be an inconvenient habit when it involves your furniture, scratching is actually great for your cat’s health. Providing scratch posts for your feline friends is a great way to keep their claws in proper shape, provide exercise and help to reduce stress. 

    Cat Scratching is Clawsome Fun
    Your cat may look like they are just having a good time doing all that scratching, but actually this practice is a great way to groom and remove loose layers from their claws. This shedding is an important part of maintaining healthy claws that are useful in climbing and self defense. Think of it as self care pet care! Help them help themselves by providing scratch posts and cat trees with sisal rope scratchers to areas your cat likes to occupy. 

    Cat-ercise with a Cat Tower
    Cats need a good workout—especially cats who are often confined indoors. Scratching helps to satisfy that pet play itch by providing cats with an opportunity to stretch out and keep their muscles in top shape. Tall scratch posts and cat towers allow cats to stand on their hind legs and stretch while exercising their paws to spend some of that pent up energy.

    Stressin’ Meowt
    Think you’re the only one in your home feeling anxious lately? Think again. Cats often experience stress and anxiety that can lead to behavior issues and even serious health concerns. Cats may scratch to express a variety of feelings from frustration to excitement. This makes scratching a powerful tool that helps your pet manage their emotions. The right cat tree scratching post in your home can go a long way to help ensure your cat is always feeling their best. 

    Go Pet Club
    Go Pet Club is on a mission to help pet parents raise the healthiest and happiest pets possible. Our cat trees are made with durable, scratch-friendly materials to help keep your pet strong for years to come.

    What to Look For When Shopping For a Cat Tree

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