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    70” IQ Box Cat Tree [SF054]
    70” IQ Box Cat Tree [SF054]

    70” IQ Box Cat Tree [SF054]

    SKU SF054
      About this Product

      Our 70” IQ Busy Box Cat Tree Condo & Sisal Scratching Board provides your pal with mental stimulation so he can always be on his game. This tree features not just one, but two IQ Busy Boxes, an engaging activity that’s made with cut-out holes and removable balls for swatting and batting fun.


      Dangly toy mice are purr-fect for tapping into your cat’s natural hunting skills while the sisal rope posts and ramp are designed for safe scratching. A lofted platform, tunnel and top-level bed give your feline friend the elevation he needs to perch and observe his kingdom. This tree is furnished in an incredibly soft faux-fur interior and exterior so your pal stays warm and cozy.



      • 2 IQ Busy Boxes : Cats stay stimulated with interactive mental and physical play
      • Cozy Condo : The perfect, secluded space for a snuggly siesta
      • Tunnel : An exciting treat for adventurous cats who love to crawl through small spaces
      • Sisal Rope : Facilitate climbing and give Kitty another healthy outlet for his or her urge to scratch The cozy condo offers your kitty a retreat from unwanted distractions
      • Hanging Toys : Encourage cats to climb higher with tantalizing hanging toys, safe for batting, biting and swatting
      • High Perches : Give your cat the best view in the house! Let them survey the scene from multiple elevated perches, perfect for lounging or playing
      • Sisal-wrapped Scratching Posts and Ramp : Cats can’t wait to sink their claws into this safe and durable, all-natural sisal rope—strong enough to hold up against even the most aggressive scratchers


      • Overall Size : 25”L x 40”W x 70”H
      • Base Board Size : 23.5”L x 23.5”W
      • Big IQ Box Size : 27.25”L x 10.5”W x 2.75'H (2 balls removable)
      • Small IQ Box Size : 23.25”L x 10.5”W x 2.75'H (2 balls removable)
      • Size of Condo : 13.75”L x 13.75”W x 10.25”H
      • Ramp Scratching Board Size : 28”L x 9.75”W (Sisal Fabric)
      • Top Bed Size : 13.25”Dia x 3”H




      Covering Material : Faux Fur

      Board Material : Pressed Wood


      Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included