22" Dia Rotating Grooming Table with Arm

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SKU: GT-301

The Go Pet Club Rotatable Oval Grooming Table is perfect for anyone who wants to groom their pets at home, but just don't have the space for a full table! This convenient rotating grooming table can lay on any flat surface, providing the groomer with space and flexibility for movement during grooming. The rotating surface also provides for easy cleaning as it is made with non-static materials. Our table top rotating grooming tables are made of high quality materials, including a pebbled non-slip top and is lined with premium aluminum alloy to prevent absorption and warping of the wood underneath. All tables come with a convenient, clamp on arm along with the grooming leash that is made of steel for extra durability!

  • Color Options : Blue, Black or Pink
  • Features a grooming arm that extends up to 28 inches high and rotates 360 degrees. Is easily able to adjust from short to long arm.
  • Tabletop is lined with a premium aluminum alloy to prevent warping of the wood and features a pebbled non-slip top
  • The rotating tabletop grooming table can be used on any flat surface to give great control and flexibility
  • Crafted from aluminum alloy and steel
  • Use mild soap and a soft towel for easy and convenient care
  • Diameter measures 21.65 inches


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