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    74” Forest Cat Tree [F2092]
    74” Forest Cat Tree [F2092]

    74” Forest Cat Tree [F2092]

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      About this Product

      Your indoor feline friend will love the outdoor-inspired our 74” Forest Cat Tree. This faux-fur tree is adorned in artificial vines and leaves, providing your pal with a taste of the wild even if she never leaves the house. The oasis features a private condo retreat, offering your best bud an escape from distractions and the family dog! Elevated platforms are purr-fect for perching while a cozy sunken basket is ideal for cuddling into. Instead of scratching at your furniture and floors, your cat can use the sisal rope-wrapped posts to keep her claws trimmed. The hanging toy mouse encourages her to bat and swat away for interactive fun that never gets old.



      • Faux Foliage : Tap into your cat’s natural instincts and transport them into a lush jungle landscape
      • Cozy Condo : The perfect, secluded space for a snuggly siesta
      • Basket Bed: Your cat will love nothing more than snuggling up in the cozy basket bed for a midday snooze
      • Several Perches : Give your cat the best view in the house! Let them survey the scene from multiple elevated perches, perfect for lounging or playing
      • Hanging Toy : Encourage cats to climb higher with a tantalizing hanging toy, safe for batting, biting and swatting
      • Sisal-wrapped Scratching Posts : Cats can’t wait to sink their claws into this safe and durable, all-natural sisal rope—strong enough to hold up against even the most aggressive scratchers


      • Overall Size : 23”L x 35”W x74”H
      • Base Board Size : 21.5”L x 32”W
      • Condo House Size: 14”L x 16”W x 13.75”H
      • Top Perch : 13.5”Diameter
      • Size of Baskets : 12”Diameter


      Brown / Black


      Posts covered by natural sisal rope

      Covering Material : Faux Fur

      Board Material : Pressed Wood


      Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included