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    49” Sequoia Cat Tree [LP-854]
    49” Sequoia Cat Tree [LP-854]

    49” Sequoia Cat Tree [LP-854]

    SKU LP-854
      About this Product

      Our 49” Sequoia Cat gives your cat her very own escape while gifting you with a stylish home addition. This multi-level tree is designed in a black and grey patterned carpet and features a soft faux-fur finish for cloud-like comfort. The condo provides your pal with the safety and security she needs to sleep soundly and the flat platforms offer the elevation your kitty craves when perching.


      A thick dangly rope encourages mental stimulation and play while the sisal rope-wrapped post and ramp scratcher engage your feline friend in some scratching fun so she will spend less time clawing at your furniture!



      • Sisal-wrapped Scratching Posts : Cats can’t wait to sink their claws into this safe and durable, all-natural sisal rope—strong enough to hold up against even the most aggressive scratchers
      • Sisal Rope : A dangling sisal rope facilitates climbing and gives Kitty another healthy outlet for his or her urge to scratch
      • Sisal Ramp : Allow your cat to explore their kingdom with ease or have more scratching fun using the convenient sisal ramp feature
      • Multiple Perches : Give your cat the best view in the house! Let your kitty survey the scene from several elevated perches, ideal for lounging or playing
      • Cozy Condo : The perfect, secluded space for a snuggly siesta


      • Overall Size : 30.5”L x 32.5”W x 49”H
      • Base Board Size : 20”L x 29”W
      • Top Perch : 14.5”L x 20”W
      • Condo House : 17.5”L x 17.5”W x 11.5”H
      • Ramp Scratching Board Size : 27”L x 8”W (Sisal Fabric)
      • One Big Giant Rope Size : 3” Diameter
      • Huge Posts (5.5” Diameter) covered by natural sisal rope & carpet




      Board Covering Material : Carpet and Faux Fur

      Board Material : Wood


      Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included