Dog Cat Pet Grooming Double-Motor Hair Dryer (DT-505)

$198.00 $169.00
SKU: DT-505
The Go Pet Club Pet Dryer is designed to give your pet professional style grooming at home! Powerful airflow dries quickly and thoroughly, saving you time. This dryer features4 adjustable speeds, 2 adjustable temperature controls low volume technology. This unit has a puncture resistant, double reinforced flexible hose for controlled spots of drying on your pet.
  • Dual-Motor, 4 speeds and 2 adjustable temperature controls
  • Double motor pet dryer features four adjustable speeds from 20 to 80 meters per second and an adjustable temperature gauge modifiable from 25 to 80 for convenience
  • Adjustable output power from 700 to 3600 watts and AC110 voltage for efficient use of power consumption
  • Blue color scheme for modern look
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